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About ORDO

O‑Key is a product of ORDO, a Belgian company. Owner and inspirer of ORDO is Stefan Penne.

Origin story

"After years of frustrating experiences with inadequate key systems, badges, wireless transmitters, security problems and difficulties in sharing and controlling access to various residential entities and businesses, I decided to develop a brand new key system." "That new key system is O‑Key, the key of the future on your smartphone. You can open the garage door with your cell phone, control the electric lock of the front door, make the access control of your business many times safer and easier,... The secure access via cell phone that we offer is easy to use, easy to install, shareable with many other users and affordable. O‑Key is what I myself have dreamed of for years." "With O‑Key, I want to make the lives of residents and business managers easier and more secure. With a single key that you always have in your pocket, that you can never lose and meets the highest security standards." "O‑Key is the result of years of research and engineering. With ORDO, we are focused on continuously developing our products and we only want to deliver solutions that meet the real needs of our customers." "My team and I have looked at the everyday challenges of security, convenience and control. O‑Key solves the problems of traditional access systems while bringing many new applications to everyday life in homes and businesses."

ORDO is supported by VLAIO (the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and is certified by NVISO (Cyber Security).

Stefan Penne is a seasoned entrepreneur and holder of several patents. He has managed companies in logistics, retail and automotive industries.

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Installing O‑Key: How to do it

  1. Register as a user

    and purchase the O‑Key Controller one-time (480 Euros installation inclus).
  2. An installer

    will contact you within 3 business days...
  3. Your installer comes on site.

    He connects the electrical devices of your choice to the O‑Key device and installs the app on your smartphone.
  4. Start O‑Key

    - and make life more accessible with your own key of the future.


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Choose the subscription that suits you best

Once O‑Key is installed, you can get started right away with a free trial subscription. Then choose the subscription that best suits your usage.
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Default questions

What is O‑Key?

O‑Key is the key of the future. It is a contemporary digital key that you always have in your pocket, cannot lose and can share with others. O‑Key is the best possible security for your garage door, front door, business entrance, store or vacation home. With O‑Key, you open, close and control any door or gate with an electric lock in your home or business.

For whom is O‑Key suitable?

O‑Key is the best solution for any remote control electronic lock. Both individuals and businesses enjoy this "key of the future". O‑Key is a smart key for anyone who wants to automate his garage door, who wants an electronic lock with remote control, who is looking for a door lock with app, who has experienced the disadvantages of access control with a badge or pass. In other words, O‑Key is a secure and smart solution for individuals and businesses. O‑Key can be used as a key for an electronic lock on the front door, as access control for business entrances and gates, as access control and security system for apartment buildings, stores, hotels, B&B and fitness or gym.

What can I use O‑Key for?

O‑Key is the perfect remote control for any electronic lock. You can use O‑Key to open or close the garage with your cell phone, to control the electric lock of the front door, to open a gate with your smartphone or close a gate or remotely. A house door with a smart lock now opens with your phone and without a key. Access control with a badge or pass is a thing of the past. And you can share that smart key with remote control with others. It's a real security system that lets you see who has used your key and when. So with O‑Key, you use your smartphone as access control as well. A smart security system for your home, vacation rental, B&B, gym or business.

Can I share O‑Key with others?

Duplicating a physical security key costs money and time. With O‑Key, that's a thing of the past. You can share the remote control of your electronic door or gate with whomever you want. All they have to do is download the free app in their smartphone. You decide who gets to open your front door or garage door with their phone, and you can see who uses your smart key. O‑Key provides complete transparency: you can limit the use of your access over time and see when electronic lock was opened or closed with your access control app. For example, you can share O‑Key with your cleaning help and only authorize him or her for access between ten and twelve, for example. Or you secure your company access with O‑Key and you can see when your employees enter or leave the company. Or you send your door lock app to your B&B tenants for a certain period of time and you no longer have to go on site yourself to let them in or pick up the key afterwards.

Is O‑Key a kind of home automation?

Smart keys or wireless access are sometimes integrated into some kind of home automation system. Google Nest or Apple Home are also popular. O‑Key is primarily a secure key that works through an access control app on your smartphone and a secure controller in your home or business. But: with O‑Key you can also turn lights on and off via your cell phone. Handy if your kids at home, employees in your company or tenants in your vacation rental forget to turn off the lights. You can also control the heating of your home, business or swimming pool with O‑Key, as a convenient and secure remote control on your smartphone.

Is O‑Key a secure key?

Many smart-home access control solutions work with wi-fi. O‑Key does not control your electronic door lock with wi-fi. Because wi-fi can be easily cracked by smart thieves. O‑Key consists of two components: a remote control app on your smartphone and a controller in your home or business. Together, they provide great convenience and the highest level of security. Want to automate your garage door, remotely open the electric lock on your front door or control access to your business without a badge or pass? Then O‑Key is definitely one of the most secure and affordable systems for wireless control of electronic locks.

How can I install O‑Key?

You want to open or close the gates of your business with cell phone or be able to open your house door without a key, while turning your heating and lights on or off with remote control? You also want a smart, secure key without the security risks of an electric door lock with wi-fi or the hassle of access control with a badge? Then quickly choose the O‑Key subscription package that suits you best on this website. A certified installer will contact you within three business days. He or she will do all the work and in no time you will have a smart door solution and a reliable security system that is inexpensive and easy to use.