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Are you looking for the safest, electrically operated access for your customer for their home or business? (*) Then you've come to the right place.
Because with a single secure key - which they always have with them, which they cannot lose and which they can share with others - you provide your customers with a real key to the future.
A key with which they can also switch a lot of other electrical appliances on and off remotely, such as lights, heating, roller shutters, etc.
(*) Automatic garage door, electronic door lock, lighting in the garden, security of the gym, entrance gate for warehouse, company or B&B… All from a different brand, each with their own operating system? No problem: O‑Key works with all brands. With O‑Key you only need one key.

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These are your benefits
Recognition as a certified O‑Key installer
IT knowledge is not required, only a good understanding of electrical components is important
Easy installation
Short training period
Professional technical support
Interesting financial conditions
A super safe and future-oriented product for your customers
Continuous improvement by parent company ORDO
O‑Key is widely marketed with communication campaigns
This is a Belgian product

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smartphone running the Ordo app
smartphone running the Ordo app

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