O‑KeySubscription plans

The first three months you get our Gold subscription for free. That way you can get to know the many benefits of O‑Key at your leisure. Then choose the subscription plan that suits you best.

O‑KeyWhat do you need


To use O‑Key, you need a fixed internet connection in your home or business.

O‑Key app

Use the O‑Key app to control connected devices. Available for free for iOS and Android.
O-key controller

O‑Key controller

This device will be connected by one of our specialists at your home or business to the Internet and to all the electrical devices you wish to control with O‑Key. The O‑Key Controller provides very high security and reliability.
Price: one-time € 480

Standard installation included

An O‑Key subscription

Receive the Golden subscription 3 months for free .

Then you choose the subscription that suits you best. See below for the different plans.

The subscriptions

Number of users
Number of visitors
Number of days history
Notifications when using channel


3 months free Gold subscription
4 Users
1 Number of visitors
3 Days of history
Cannot receive notifications when using channel
€2.95 /month
paid as €35.40 /year


3 months free Gold subscription
8 Users
4 Number of visitors
7 Days of history
Can receive notifications when using channel
€4.95 /month
paid as €59.40 /year


3 months free Gold subscription
30 Users
15 Number of visitors
30 Days of history
Can receive notifications when using channel
€6.95 /month
paid as €83.40 /year


Need more? Contact us and we will customize a subscription for you with an unlimited number of users.
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I want O‑Key, the key of the future

Make the one-time purchase now. This includes:

  • The O‑Key Controller
  • Connection by our specialist of your devices to the Controller, subject to conditions
  • Use of the O‑Key app (iOS / Android)
  • 3 months Gold subscription

Price: one-time € 480

Standard installation included

Buy now

A certified installer will contact you within three working days after purchase to make an appointment with you for the installation.

Frequently asked questions

Is O‑Key safe?

The idea emerged to develop a system that is safer and more user-friendly than the current systems on the market. To achieve this, we have implemented several measures to make our system 100% secure. 1. Each user receives a personal account, making it possible to see who is using the system and when. Authorizations can be revoked at any time and from any location if necessary. Additionally, we do not send codes that can be forwarded to other people. 2. All data is stored on our secure platform, and not on the O‑Key controller or mobile phone. This makes it impossible for thieves to obtain codes and prevents wifi hackers from retrieving data from the controller. 3. All communication is encrypted with AES 256 encryption, which is more secure than internet banking. We do not use Bluetooth, wifi, or other communication protocols that can be intercepted with cheap tools. 4. Our controller is installed inside the building, so thieves have no chance to tamper with electricity cables from the outside. In addition, we continuously test our system for hacking by external experts from NViso. With their expertise, they examine whether we have overlooked anything and scrutinize all components.

How many users can be added?

In principle, our system can add an infinite number of users on any O‑Key controller. The number of users you can add depends on your subscription. With a "Bronze" subscription you start from 4 users. Click here to compare the different subscription formulas. The users are counted at the device level and not at the channel level. E.g. If 1 user has access to the front fence and another person to the fence and the front door, this is counted as 2 users. Invited visitors are not counted as regular users.

Can O‑Key be installed on my door or gate?

O‑Key can be installed on any door or gate if it meets the following conditions; 1. You have an electronic door lock and your gate/fence is automated. 2. You have wired internet at the location where the controller is to be installed.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Upgrade You can upgrade at any time via MyOrdo if you are the owner of the controller. An automatic settlement will be made against your current subscription and when the payment is completed, the new subscription will start immediately. Downgrade You can change your subscription at any time. If you want to downgrade to a cheaper subscription, this starts from the moment your other subscription has ended. You can set this in advance so that you do not forget it.

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